Expanding the Enterprise

According to a recent study by the Small Business Administration, new businesses in South Carolina are opening at twice the rate of those that are closing. Many home business owners share the same dream: to grow their small companies into large-scale enterprises that can sustain their families while giving back to their communities. At Bank of York, we try to realize that vision of success with every one of our small business clients that rely on us for expert advice as well as sound financial services.

Upon realizing the need to grow beyond the confines of a home office, many business owners seek help from the Small Business Association. As an SBA certified lender, Bank of York can extend business loans with the full faith and backing of the Small Business Association. For business owners looking to borrow money beyond their personal credit lines, SBA loans are a popular and effective way to get the financing necessary to move to the next level.

Moving Your Business to a Larger Space
Many small businesses reach a major milestone when it comes time to search for larger office, warehouse, or production space. For some companies, hiring workers means giving up the home office to comply with local zoning. Other businesses suddenly require more space to store inventory, once the garage is no longer an option. And a growing number of South Carolina businesses are discovering the tremendous opportunity in building their own manufacturing and fulfillment centers right here in York County.

At the core of our services for expanding York County businesses are our mortgage and construction loan offerings. With our knowledge of the region and our relationships with developers and contractors, we can help you identify and finance the right location for your business. Two major interstates and a variety of well maintained highways and railroads make York County an attractive location for manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping operations. With help from experts at Bank of York, you can discover potential locations that will save your business lots of money over the long haul.

York County: An Excellent Business Address
York County offers growing enterprises excellent opportunities to enjoy tax credits and other incentives for renovating and repurposing existing structures. A business mortgage from Bank of York can help you secure the right location for your company. Not only can you keep your business moving forward, you can enjoy the long term benefits of owning and developing commercial real estate in South Carolina.

If your company requires a unique presence in York County or a very specific kind of physical plant, Bank of York is proud to offer construction financing to our enterprise customers. Whether your company has grown up in York County or you plan to move your enterprise here to enjoy the benefits of doing business in South Carolina, Bank of York is ready to extend a neighborly hand.

Handling All of Your Company's Financial Needs
Of course, with all this growth comes the need to process payments from your clients or customers quickly, efficiently, and accurately. For businesses with a strong retail presence in York County, Bank of York offers comprehensive cash management services. Whether you take advantage of our convenient, secure, twenty-four hour deposit service or you simply need to request change from our York County branches, we can help you keep your cash register ringing.

York County companies with both local and national presence can also take advantage of our professional credit card merchant processing services. Studies indicate that the average order at most businesses increases by 40% or more when a customer knows that they can use their major credit card. Whether you intend to process small sales at a retail storefront or you expect to handle large business-to-business transactions, Bank of York offers comprehensive merchant account solutions. We can even help you set up your online storefront with secure merchant gateways that open your York County business to the world.

Extending Personal Banking Benefits to Your Staff
Bank of York can even help you make your business an excellent place to work. By offering direct deposit to your staff, you can cut down the expense and the hassle of payday. All of your employees qualify for free checking accounts with Bank of York, opening up all of our branches and our variety of services to your entire team. Christmas Club and other special features of our consumer accounts are just some of the many ways we can help your staff manage their finances, especially if you have decided to relocate them to York County from other parts of the country.

Best of all, your growing business will continue to enjoy the same level of personalized, professional service you have come to expect from Bank of York. With convenient branches throughout York County, toll-free telephone support, and dedicated account managers who understand the unique needs of your business, you're never more than a phone call or a visit from someone that's ready to help. Call us or stop by one of our branches today to discover how we can make your vision a reality.