Credit Cards

Counter in lobby

In the past few decades, credit cards have become essential tools for small businesses right here in York County, as well as across the United States. Without the need to process a new loan for every critical business expense, entrepreneurs have successfully used credit cards to launch and sustain their businesses through periods of rapid expansion.

At Bank of York, we're committed to helping our business customers use credit cards wisely. That's why we offer a variety of business credit cards with flexible payment options and simple credit line increases. Because vendors around the world accept Bank of York credit cards, you won't have the hassle of enduring a company background check every time you need to make a vital business purchase.

We can even issue company credit cards for your key staff members. That way, you can keep track of your business expenses while letting your staff stay focused on achieving their goals.

Our business experts are happy to meet with you to determine the right way for your growing business to use credit cards. Visit any of our convenient York County bank branches today to learn how we can help.