Other Business Services Overview

Automated Teller Machines (ATM's)
As a business owner, you sometimes find yourself needing quick cash for emergency expenses or for company entertainment. When our bank branches aren't open to serve you, feel free to use any of our four conveniently located Bank of York ATMs to withdraw funds directly from any of your eligible business checking or business savings accounts.

When you're traveling on business away from York County, you can still enjoy immediate access to the funds in your business accounts. Your Bank of York Business ATM cards work on a nationwide network with locations in most cities. Quick cash from your accounts is available to you almost anywhere in the county, twenty-four hours a day.

Coin and Currency
Cash management is critical to the success of any retail operation. Your business partners at Bank of York can provide all the coins and currency you need to keep your operation running smoothly. You can set up a regular schedule to pick up your daily or weekly float, or you can call us to make special arrangements in advance of sales, holiday weekends, or other times that you expect higher business volume. Even if most of your customers pay with credit or debit cards, you can use our coin and currency service to keep your till stocked with the right amount of change.

Night Deposit
When it's time to deposit each night's receipts, Bank of York is ready for you—even after our branches have closed. Use our convenient night deposit drop-off service to leave your cash, coin, and check deposits securely with us until morning. Our night deposit service means you don't have to worry about theft or accidents at your location. Nightly deposits also make it easier to accurately track each day's sales. Since your night deposits are handled by our business tellers early the next business morning, you can be assured of the same availability of funds in your account as if you had dropped the deposit off in person.

Bank of York 24 Hour Info Line
Whether business takes you away from home or your home is your business, you're never more than a phone call away from your account information. Simply dial 803-684-9229 from any touch tone phone to handle most of your basic business tasks. You can check the balances in all of your accounts, and make any transfers between accounts. You can even make payment on your Bank of York business loans, or take care of merchant verification when a customer presents you with a credit card for payment. All of your Bank of York information and most services are available to you by phone, twenty-four hours a day.

Safe Deposit Boxes
At Bank of York, we spend most of our time helping our business customers manage their cash and their credit. But we also recognize that those might not be the only valuables that pass through your company. That's why we offer safe deposit boxes for businesses, suitable for storing everything from critical contracts to essential keys and other vital material.

Your Bank of York business safe deposit box is located at one of our secure, convenient bank branches. With your precious documents and other valuables safe from fire and theft, you can focus on growing your business. Visit us today to open a safe deposit box for your York County business.

VISA Check Card
Our Bank of York Business Check Cards give you the same purchasing power as a credit card, without the hassle of managing additional credit lines. Whether you use your Bank of York check card for regular office expenses or for unusual travel fees, you'll enjoy the convenience and security of your Business Visa Check Card.

As a business owner, you can even issue business check cards to key staff members. Because your Visa Check Card is tied directly to your business checking account, you'll eliminate confusing invoicing and check writing processes with your vendors. Not only will you streamline the accounting process, you'll have the security of monitoring your team's purchases. Visit any of our convenient York County bank branches to learn how to add Visa Check Cards to your business checking accounts.

Visa Travel Money
Whether your business is taking you out of the country or you simply prefer the convenience of budgeting your business trip in advance, Bank of York can supply you with secure, trusted Visa Travel Money. Accepted nearly everywhere you travel, Visa Travel Money can easily be replaced if lost or stolen. That way, you can rely on Bank of York to help you stay focused on your business trip instead of a missing wallet. Simply stop by any of our convenient York County bank branches to learn more.